Is free company logos design tools the answer?

The answer must be a definite No!

1. Images available on these tools are available to everyone, so your logo will never be 100% original

It has never been harder to make your business stand out amongst competitors.  Last thing you want is to have a logo that blends in with the crowd, or heaven forbid, a competitor with the same or similar icon.  Spending some money to have a logo professionally designed by trained graphic designer will certainly save you a lot of money in the long run.


2. You lose out on valuable Company Logo Design Expertise

To create a meaningful logo, not only to your business, but more importantly to your target market, is no small feat.  Colours, fonts, lay-out etc. all play a role in conveying message that you want potential customers to get.  Your logo is, after all, the first impression anyone gets from your business.


3. These logo’s are never really free

Although the logo creator tools are free to use, you still have to pay to download usable formats of the logo.  To buy the image so that no one else can use it costs a fortune, and who knows how many other companies have already used it as their icon.


4. Most of these free tools don’t supply you with PDF or Vector formats

Great, now you’ve created a company logo design for your company and you have downloaded some of the formats available (at a cost!).  You go to the signage company to have your signboard made and they ask for a pdf or vector format.  This means you will either have to pay a set-up fee to that company to recreate your logo in the correct format, or you will have to go to a professional designer to do it. 

So, to come back to the question of whether these free logo design tools are the answer, I have to say again, no.  It might seem like a solution, but in the end it will cost you more than just getting it done right from the start.

At Logo Design Company we have trained designers that will be able to guide you in determining what factors best suit your business goals, and working that into a professional brand.