The best websites to get logo ideas and inspiration

Your logo design is probably the most important part of starting your business.  This is the element that must communicate the main core of your business, your service, your motto, everything you stand for.  So, having a meaningful, well thought-out logo will take some hard work and research.  Today I will give you some of the best websites to get logo ideas and inspiration from.

  1. 99 Designs
  2. Just Creative
  3. Hongkiat
  4. Creative Bloq

These websites showcase logo design trends as well as some of the best logo’s created recently from around the world.  In my opinion it is best to not create your logo based on the latest trends as it will mean that your logo will have to be revised in a couple of years.  But, you will certainly gain some inspiration and a starting point to your own unique design.  Here are some of my favourite logo designs :