Terms and conditions

Logo Design Company is a division of Web Partner

  • As stated below, all services are laid out with a clear indication of what the service consists of and what is to be expected of Logo Design Company, Client and Designer
  • Professionalism is very important to us, customer care and meeting our clients’ expectations is what we strive towards. A deadline won’t be missed unless the designer communicates this to the client, as communication is of utmost importance
  • All designs/artwork is done in Industry Standard Software (Illustrator) – This is the design software that we use. No designs are done in Microsoft Word, or any office software and cannot be sent in an editable Microsoft Word format. The ONLY format we supply designs in are PDF/EPS
  • If a client’s brief should change for any reason whatsoever, after the design process has started, the client must inform their designer via email as the deadline date will have to be amended accordingly. Please note that this will be subject to a design fee that will be assessed on the grounds of requirements
  • Company Profile design consists of a 10-page document only and cannot be split up into multiple documents. No content will be written/provided, this information must come directly from the client and the design team will copy and paste all information as is. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all the grammar and spelling have been checked accordingly as we will not be held responsible for mistakes. The client will be given 3 revisions as well

When making use of the Logo design services, the below is to be expected:

  • All designs will be delivered within 3 business days after the date of payment, before close of business (17h00). Your designer will make contact with you before, should anything change
  • Client is Entitled to 3 revisions ONLY and on the designs, it will clearly state; Revision 1 of 3, 2 of 3 or Final Revision
  • Clear instructions have been given to the designer by the client regarding the design
  • ALL amendments/changes to the designs MUST be sent via email for the designer to have an email thread for future reference
  • The client is fully aware that for any changes to the logo, stationery or any other files that have ALREADY been finalized and sent to the client, there will be an amendment fee of R500 excluding VAT
  • There is a 24-hour waiting period for any amendments/changes unless the designer states otherwise

When Stationery is being designed, the below is to be expected:

  • 3 Stationery Layouts will be sent to the client within 2 working business days after the logo has been finalized or the information for the stationery has been received. In a case where there is insufficient information i.e., email address, VAT number we cannot start until all information has not been received
  • The client is entitled to 3 revisions ONLY
  • The client is fully aware that for any changes to the stationery after the final files have been sent, there will be an amendment fee of R575

When Stationery is being designed, the below is to be expected:

  • When a client  wants an exact replica of an existing company’s logo on the internet – The client takes full responsibility should there be any legal action from the existing company
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